Championing and honoring Autistic identity.

Are you ready to celebrate Autistic identities, embrace the Autistic community, and empower Autistic individuals?

Join Âûtsome Kuching as we work to change the world to achieve respect, acceptance, and support.

What we do

Education & Insight

We provide year-round, Autistic-led education through a variety of workshops, masterclasses, professional development opportunities, parenting retreats, and symposia.

Leadership & Advocacy

We want to grow Autistic leaders who are driven to share their knowledge and expertise. We provide a platform and community where Autistic voices are heard and valued.

Digital Marketing

We provide inclusive Digital Marketing that can be accessible for everyone. Part of the profits will go to support Autsome Kch movement.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which the Autistic community is supported by its families and allies to achieve genuine acceptance, inclusion, and active support, and in which Autistic culture and identity is celebrated and nurtured.

At Âûtsome Kch, we want to change the narrative to fit a strengths-based neurodiversity view. Ultimately, our goal is to improve long-term Autistic mental health and wellbeing for both our current and future generations.

Our Values

Respect. Accept. Embrace. Empower.

We want to change the frame through which society views Autism. The frame we choose to see Autism through is neurodiversity, which means that we see Autism as a valuable, worthy and naturally occurring brain difference.

Our organisation is unique: we are run by Neurodivergent people, and we primarily employ and contract Neurodivergent people. We take this approach because we believe that giving Neurodivergent people the opportunities they deserve to lead and share their lived experiences, is the first step to inclusion, justice and emancipation for our community.

Autism Acceptance Kuching (@Autsome Kch) means Awareness, Acceptance, Appreciation, Inclusion, Equity, and Employment.

And that means that we are free to be our Autistic selves.

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